Summer project day 2

We’ve had some summer storms lately and humidity. As a result, we are growing mushrooms in the yard which I detest. So gross. BUT, I do love to take pictures of mushrooms. Who knew they were so photogenic?

Still not a sharp picture nor does it have that ethereal lensbaby velvet quality I’m searching for. I could probably do some editing to achieve that, but that’s not the point of my project. The photo on the left is SOOC. The one on the right, I added a little LR editing to it. I like it better. Rather than laying on the ground to get this shot, I turned on my screen instead of using my view finder. Worked pretty well, but I’m still searching for that sweet spot in the focus. And of course, it’s underexposed as usual. Maybe that’s just my style? I should also mention I am using a Nikon D750.

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