It’s a new year

I will admit that I don’t get much photography done during the school year. Oh, I take pictures for our yearbook, but those pictures aren’t really ones that I can publish on my website. Outside of school, I’m busy planning for school or working on the yearbook. The yearbook is a true love/hate relationship. It’s fun and I love the end product and the pride that we feel once we saw all of our hard work memorialized in a book, but the stress of getting to that point? Makes me think twice about doing it again the next year.

Over the Christmas break, I got my camera out with my Lensbaby Velvet 56. Speaking of love/hate relationship. I don’t know if I’lll ever master this lens! Here are a few from my day practicing with ornaments on my Christmas tree.

I like the bokeh and the color of the Christmas lights. This was not my goal in taking this picture, but I kind of like the end result.

And then there’s this one. I’m posting to document my improvement (hopefully) over time. I like the idea behind

this photo, just not how it turned out. Just have to keep at it!

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