Lack of motivation

I have lost all motivation to take pictures – even with my phone. Anyone with me? Part of it is time, but part of it is that I just don’t feel inspired by anything around me. I do have a big trip coming up this summer – Greece. I should definitely get some good pictures there, but I am going to be completely rusty by that point. In truth, I’m already rusty and just want to shoot on auto. I read other’s ideas about being in a rut. Start a personal project. Do a 365 project. Project, project, project. I’m a teacher. I don’t want a project. Maybe I should just continue this break? It’s not even an intentional break. I’ve just found myself looking at my camera and thinking, I should really use that thing. I’m afraid my break might last forever, and I guess that’s ok, but I don’t want that to be the case. I really enjoy photography and seeing a finished project, but I lack the desire to something. As a yearbook teacher, I’ve gotten into Canva recently. It’s pretty addictive. Maybe this summer I can find a project through that? Anyone have any cool ideas to spark inspiration? creativity? motivation? anything? I’m getting desperate…

I’ll be an empty nester this fall. With more time on my hands, I really plan on taking a more active role as photographer for our school’s yearbook. After seeing some of the photos the kids took this past year, we need some help!

I would love any suggestions, advice or stories on how you got out of your rut. I need some help!

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